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About us

Our company has been successfully working on the real estate market during last 10 years. And we are not simply sell you a property, we help you to do the right choice. It is important for us to understand what the client exactly wants, and not to impose our own idea on him. And then we just help you with banking operations, with documents, property registration and even with its furnishings. Canaries are islands, and their inhabitants are one big family. Therefore, we treat our clients as new members of the family. Our specialists have extensive experience working with clients from Europe, the United States, Asia and post-Soviet countries. For each of them we will find a solution.

You still dont know what to buy - a house or an apartment? We will help. Need a plot of land for a future villa? We will pick up the plot so that the house stands in a picturesque place. And even invite an architect who will transform your ideas into a building plan. May be you need a designer or landscape designer? We know the best of them. And while you are discussing your future home, we will take care on such issues as the construction, delivery of materials and equipment, also we will handle the registration procedure. And now, you are already a new resident of the Canary Islands with your own house. We also can solve the issues of commercial property. Do you want to buy an investment-attractive apartment? Great idea! We will pick up the property, which will be in constant demand with tourists. Instead of you we will find customers, make the check-in and check- out of guests, take care of their comfort, control the payment of rent, pay bills and transfer to your account net profit. And you do not have to be distracted from your usual activities. Perhaps you want to solve the migration problem? Quickly and completely legally with our help you will get a residence permit in Spain. May be you want to organize and registrate your own business? We will help you to choose the form of ownership, we will consult about all legal subtleties, we will help to collect the necessary package of documents. You will only have to start to work. Holy Freedom S.L. not only sells finished houses. Now we are building our own. Our company has become an official developer in the Canary Islands. We build almost everything. Houses, cottages, bungalows, townhouses. As for our owns, and for individual projects of customers. Any style, any complexity – we´ll do our best to make your stay in the Canaries comfortable and pleasant.